We finally made it to Arizona!  Moving was quite an experience, but we made it in one piece and are all moved into our new apartment.  We just have a little bit of unpacking to do, and then we can finally “relax.”

The only thing I have really learned about Arizona so far is that it is hot.  Like…really hot.  But as everyone keeps telling me, “It’s a dry heat.”  Either way…it’s hot.  But we are slowly getting used to it.  If you stay indoors most of the day, it really doesn’t matter.  And the evenings can be kind of nice.

Baby Howie will be here pretty soon.  I was worried about the long drive, but we did well.  The baby slept most of the way, and I didn’t get too sore sitting all day.  My husband and I just took a little “Babymoon” vacation this week.  In case you’ve never heard of a “babymoon,” it is basically a little honeymoon before having a baby.  We had an absolute blast!  We went and spent one night in a fancy resort and spa in Phoenix.  We walked around the grounds, sat by the pool, enjoyed our own private little casita, and even got massages.  I wish it could’ve last longer, but a short little getaway was a much-needed break after our long week of moving and unpacking.

Our apartment is still kind of a disaster area.  We have a huge mountain of empty boxes and trash in our living room that we have yet to get rid of, as we kind of already filled up our dumpsters.  We also have a few more boxes of stuff we need to unpack (and find a place for).  Moving is always such an eye-opener.  We have way too much stuff, and the more times we move it around the country, the more I hate it.  But, everything will find a place.

We are also amassing new stuff…mostly for baby.  The nursery is slowly getting set up.  Today we set up our crib, which is really making me realize how soon our baby girl is going to be here!  We still need to get a changing table and rocking chair, and then we will be just about set.

In other news, I met my new doctor this week at my 36 week check up.  Luckily, she is super nice and is a great fit for us.   I was a little worried since I picked her at random on the internet.  She loves to chat, and spent a long time talking to us about her background and how she had two kids during her own residency. She might not be the one to actual deliver our baby, but her practice seems very on board with our birth plan, so I think everything will work out.  And…only a few more weeks to go!

Life is crazy around here, and getting crazier every minute.  I start orientation next week, and then rotations right away after that.  I am really looking forward to having this baby and getting into some sort of routine.  I feel bad that I am not more excited to start rotations…but when you are expecting a new baby, rotations kind of pale in comparison.   So many great things happening all at once is a little overwhelming, but I am still just trying to take it all one day at a time!

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My name is Emily, and I am a Hospitalist in Nebraska. I live with my husband and three beautiful daughters. I hope you enjoy my blog!
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