Regular Rate and Rhythm

I feel obligated to post something.  I realize it’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged.  And I’ve noticed my blog posts are getting longer and longer apart.  I have a lot of ideas for things to write about, but, I’m lacking the motivation to give certain topics their due effort.

So this post isn’t really about anything.  I guess you could say that, like my favorite show, this post is about nothing.

I finished Infectious Disease.  It was my favorite rotation x 1 million.  I love the specialty.  You get to deal with really sick patients, you get to see a lot of different things, and you get to see some really interesting cases.  The downside is, you pretty much have to gown and glove for every single patient you see because they’re highly contagious.  But at least you’re living life on the edge.  If I specialized in anything, it would be Infectious Disease.

Now I’m doing Cardiology.  It’s an elective rotation, so I can’t really complain, but I’m not quite sure what I was thinking when I picked it.  I really wanted to do a rotation in Forensic Pathology.  I guess I thought this would be more practical since I want to be a hospitalist.  Ugh.  What a stupid decision.  If you ever get to choose between hypertension and autopsies, always choose autopsies.  No brainer.

Anyway, I’m doing Cardiology.  I can’t really say if it’s good or bad because it’s only day two.  At least I am getting to see a lot of procedures.  I love seeing procedures at least once so that I know what they entail.  And the hours are pretty good, so I’m sure it won’t be too bad of a rotation.

Which is good because my husband had to go to Florida for three weeks, so I’m living the single mom life again.  I honestly don’t know how single parents do it.  It’s not easy.  Hopefully Nick will be back in time for Anika’s birthday!  I cannot believe our little baby is going to be 1-year-old.  Ca-razy.

Next week I have to go to Philadelphia to take the first part of Boards – the Performance Evaluation.  I should probably start preparing for that.  And the next part of boards is just over a month away, so I should also start studying for that.  Don’t be surprised if I don’t post anything new for a while.  As you can tell motivation is kind of running low.  And this 113 degree heat is exhausting.  Why do people live in the desert anyway?!

About emilyehoward

My name is Emily, and I am a Hospitalist in Nebraska. I live with my husband and three beautiful daughters. I hope you enjoy my blog!
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