“I’m Freakin’ Out! I am freakin’ out!”

So, I’m not really “freakin’ out,” but I never miss an opportunity to quote Seinfeld.

I am, however, beginning to freak out just a little, as evidenced by my first medical school nightmare.  Last night I dreamt that it was my first day of medical school.  I met three students who all graduated from Harvard University.  They decided to start a club for Harvard graduates.  When I asked them if I could join (after all, I am a “Harvard” graduate) they rudely said no.  After that I forgot my name, and sat in the wrong seat.  Plus I didn’t get a coupon like everyone else in my welcome packet.  *sigh*  I have strange dreams.

Nevertheless, I have been extremely overwhelmed over the last few days.  For the past several months I’ve had all this stuff to do and all this time to do it, and now I only have TWO WEEKS!  Everything is ready for the move (except all the packing…ugh).  My husband recently got a job.  He will be an office assistant working for the State of Missouri. He starts as soon as we move.  I was hoping to have a few days in Kirksville to spend some time with him, so we’re taking a week off before we move to spend some time together, as well as pack.  We’ll need to go shopping, as the work clothes required for his new job differ slightly from the clothes he wears for his job at Landscape Services.

This week I have spent trying to figure out where the time went.  It seems like summer just started.  It just hit me that Kirksville doesn’t have a Target, or really any place to shop, so I’ve been doing a lot of shopping while I still can, mainly searching for sheets, mattress pads, and pillows for our new bed.  I have also been scheduling time with my friends for next week, so that I can see them before I move.  I am most excited to visit my best friend and my new goddaughter on Wednesday.  Meanwhile, my entire family is scattered across Europe and my husband is in Missouri helping some friends of ours move into their new apartment. This weekend we’ve got our last wedding of the summer (finally!), and we’re driving down to Kansas City to watch Nick’s cousin, Sarah, perform in The King and I.  We’ve got a busy week next week, and I’ll have to say goodbye to the kids I nanny for.  And, I have absolutely no desire to pack.

I have been anxiously waiting for school to start, and now, more than anything, I just want to step on the brakes!  It will be nice to finally be moved into our new home, sleeping in our new bed, with everything unpacked.  Until then, I think I will keep freakin’ out.

About emilyehoward

My name is Emily, and I am a Hospitalist in Nebraska. I live with my husband and three beautiful daughters. I hope you enjoy my blog!
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1 Response to “I’m Freakin’ Out! I am freakin’ out!”

  1. littlevest says:

    I can totally relate Emily. My first day of “school” as a teacher is in a week! And before I moved I had all the same realizations of less places to shop, less time with friends, etc. and it is coming so close that I do just want to step on the brakes, but I’ve met some people and I’m getting my act together and once it starts it’ll be full speed ahead, no looking back, only constantly striving to put my full trust in God:) Good luck! ~Michaela V.

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